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Offering exclusive packages for all occasions including brand launches, corporate functions, promotional events, store openings, gala dinners, awards ceremonies and more.


Performances are tailored to suit your event criteria and can include a surprise flash mob, background music or high energy performance. 


For a truly immersive experience we can add audience participation or free roaming performances in between tables or crowds.


In addition we can create a unique composition inspired by your brand's image giving you a sonic identity.

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Awards Ceremonies


brand launches

Creating atmospheric opening or closing pieces, high energy interval flashmob performances, bespoke jingles to present awards, adding a unique impact to any event. 


Previous clients include Wella, Waitrose, Mastercard, Dominoes, Barclays, KPMG, Marks & Spencer, Disney, Warner Bros, BFI Luminous, National Film and Television Awards & BAFTA.

Fashion Shows

With a love of fashion, style and creating strong visuals, we add that extra flair to fashion shows and live events.


Selecting vocalists to enhance your brand's concept and overall aesthetic, by combining style with music to create a perfect balance of art.


Working with high street fashion brands like NEXT, to couture fashion houses at London Fashion Week, or live catwalk events like The Clothes Show Live to an audience of 5,500 at The Birmingham NEC.

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